Castle Rock, WA

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The Castle Rock Police Cadets are non-commissioned, uniformed personnel that assist with various tasks throughout the department. They perform everything from office work and directing traffic to special events and crime scene investigation. The Cadet Program is aimed at people who are interested in the criminal justice and law enforcement field, but the life experience is good for everyone.


15 years of age or older

GPA of 2.5 or higher (for students) or a High School diploma or GED

Outstanding Moral Character

Pass Drug Screen

Parental Consent (under 18)

Pictured (left) is Cadet Carlson at a recent firearms training. Cadets with CRPD are able to attend certain parts of actual law enforcement training.
Pictured (left) is Cadet Chris Koehler. He is pictured here at his place of employment, the Cowltz County Communications (911) center. Chris was recently hired as a dispatcher here. Chris is still an active Cadet with the Police department where he volunteers 20+ hours a week. Chris feels that his experience as a Cadet with Castle Rock is a major contributing reason he was able to become a dispatcher for Cowlitz 911.

Pictured (the tall guy on the right) is Cadet Michael Ahlin. Michael has been with us as a Cadet for about 3 years. He currently attends the United States Coast Guard Academy and performs his Cadet duties while on breaks. Michael recently stated that his time served here as a Cadet has been a valuable step on his career path to being an Officer in the United States Coast Guard.