Castle Rock, WA

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January 25, 2010 - Castle Rock Police Department

In a private ceremony on Monday the Castle Rock Police Department gave welcome to two of its newest members. In front of a group of family, friends, fellow officers, and invited guests Chief Bob Heuer administered the Oath of Office to Reserve Officer John Musso and Reserve Officer Steve Davidson.

This month, the officers completed the 440 hour basic reserve academy. The academy came to an official conclusion on January 20th when John and Steve successfully passed the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center comprehensive final exam.

The basic academy covered every topic from criminal law to cultural diversity. On top of the 440 hours of classroom instruction, the recruits were required to spend many hours at home and away from class studying and preparing for practical mock scenarios and a multitude of mid-term and final tests.

The addition of Musso and Davidson brings the total number of commissioned reserve officers to eight. The Castle Rock Police Department relies heavily on its reserve officers to perform at the level of service it currently provides. The countless thousands of hours they donate to the city of Castle Rock are aimed at volunteering for community festivals, special events, natural disasters, major crime scenes, and school functions. In addition to these types of events, the reserve unit also serves as supplemental patrol units and assists with many day to day operations.

The reserve officer works entirely without monatary compensation of any kind, and they provide much of the equipment they will use on duty.

Any one interested in joining the CRPD reserve unit should call the office and make an appointment to speak to a member of our agency.