Castle Rock, WA

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These are a list of forms that can be completed and turned into the Castle Rock Police Department. These can be useful for victims, witness, and etc. who are no longer in the area to pick these forms up at the office. Prior to completing a form from this list you should contact the Castle Rock Police department at (360) 274- 4711 to ensure that you are completing the correct form and for directions in completing it.


Statement Form: The statement form is a blank form for witnesses, suspects, and victims to give a personal narrative of an incident that has occurred. During the completion of the form you should be sure and complete all of the fields accurately and completely. A signature is required for the form to be accepted.

Victim Property Form: This form should be completed in conjunction with the statement form when a victim is reporting a loss of property either by theft or vandalism. This form assists the victim by giving an itemized list of property that was stolen. The more details you are able to give (i.e. owner applied numbers (called OAN), serial numbers, color, etc) the more likely you are to get your property returned.

Stolen Vehicle Report The stolen vehicle form is completed by filling your vehicle and personal information in the fields provided. This form should only filled out after reporting the theft to the police and at the direction of a police officer.

Public Disclosure Request: This is a request for a copy of a police report. Read the directions carefully and return to CRPD for further directions for submission. Please understand that there is a time delay when requesting a report.

Citizen Complaint: This form is to be used for filing a complaint against members and employees of the Castle Rock Police Department. Please DO NOT use this form to report a crime. Crime reports entered on this form will not be entered into a reporting system.