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What Attracts a Car Thief?

What Else Can I do to Protect my Vehicle?

Carjacking: Reduce Your Risk
Imagine having someone approach you while you are sitting in your car at a traffic signal, pointing a gun at your face and taking your car. Or having your vehicle stolen as you park (even in your own driveway), or while getting gas. It can happen anywhere, not just in "high crime" neighborhoods. It can occur during the daylight as well as after dark.

Opportunities that carjackers look for:

Before you enter your car:

Once you are in your car:

Getting out of your car:

If it happens to you:

Car Prowl Prevention
An experienced Car Prowler or Thief can gain access to your car in virtually seconds. In less than 30 seconds, someone could break into a parked car. Most car prowls themselves take less than two minutes. The damage done to locks and windows can be very expensive to repair and cause great inconvenience.

The following are recommendations that can reduce your risk of being a victim of a car prowl or theft.